Our Vision


INFRASTRUCTURE of CHANGE For all humanity.

We don’t just provide communication infrastructure.

We don’t just offer speed, peace of mind, and friendly services.

We will go beyond what the words “telecommunications carrier” define.

Things are changing rapidly, especially in the climate, technology, business, and living environment. We will evolve faster and become a firm foundation for evolution of humanity itself.

Our infrastructure will always be ready for changes and help individuals and corporations who wish to move further ahead through adversities.

Our infrastructure will:
1. Defy conventional wisdoms and push the boundary.
2. Be a trusted partner for business incubation.
3. Deliver not only information, but also transformation and evolution.
4. Fill the world with emotion, leveraging Sony Group’s technological and creative assets.

What we are accelerating is the evolution of humanity. The further humanity evolves, the more we grow together.

We will be the “INFRASTRUCTURE of CHANGE”.


Challenge Take risks and push to the limit.Higher Speed Evolve faster than the world around us.As One Unite, grow and advance as a team.No Other Innovate at a whole new level.GEnerate Be passionate.