President’s Message


Sony's purpose is to "Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology”. The Sony Group operates various businesses based on this Purpose. Sony Network Communications, which in addition to its telecommunications business also promotes incubation in the fields like IoT and AI, has established its vision of supporting people and companies that desire change through telecommunications and incubation.

With the advent of Web3 and the emergence of virtual space in the metaverse and new commercial channels using NFTs, the role of communications is beginning to change dramatically. NURO continues to provide services that aptly capture the changes in the telecommunications environment. NURO aims to further improve its service quality and customer satisfaction, and to grow its business scale, including expanding globally.

At the same time, in the peripheral areas of the telecommunications business, we are promoting incubation in a wide range of fields such as IoT and AI. As the fusion of the real and virtual worlds comes ever closer to fruition, we will drive new businesses that leverage Sony Group technologies and assets to deliver new value to society and people.

While advances in technology and content enrich our lives, increasing communication traffic leads to higher power consumption and increase in CO2 emissions. Recognizing this as one of the most pressing social issues for us to address, we will continue to promote initiatives to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

In this era of rapid change in the environment surrounding us – in terms of information, business, lifestyles, and the global environment - we will continue to support, guide, inspire and motivate people and companies who wish for change themselves and bringing about change around them.

For all humanity.

Please look forward to more exciting developments from Sony Network Communications in the future.

Sony Network Communications Inc.

President and Representative Director
Noriyoshi Nakagawa

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