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Sony Network Communications Singapore Pte. Ltd.




for a NEW ERA

Creating new values with customers using the technologies of Web3.


Providing new values
to customers' businesses
using NFT technologies

NFT is a technology that has gained attention after being used in high-amount transactions for digital art, among other applications. Going forward, we expect it to be used in various business scenarios. We provide support to customers who are thinking of utilizing NFT in their businesses in all processes, from strategy and plan formulation to development and operation.

Offered Solutions

  • Support in formulating strategies
    for NFT businesses

    We provide a wide range of support for formulating strategies, such as giving proposals to construct business models and run communities, organizing study sessions on NFT, and gathering information on trends in other companies.

  • Support
    for issuing NFTs

    We provide development and operation support for issuing NFTs as POC plans and promotions in order to participate in the NFT business.

  • Support
    for issuing own tokens

    We support the issuance of unique tokens according to every customers' needs.

  • Support
    for developing NFT games

    We provide support for game development, which is gathering momentum now with the utilization of NFT. Our support covers the entire process of planning, designing, developing, and running games using NFT.

  • Support
    for promoting NFT

    We provide support for the PR and marketing of NFT projects. We support the formulation of marketing strategies, execution of promotion plans, and operation of user communities.


For our best partners
that create new eras using Web3

Our company is part of the Sony Group and was established with the aim of creating a new era for creators together with customers, and we believe in the possibilities of a decentralized Internet, which is the concept of Web3. Using NFT technologies, we will maximize the value provided to customers, creators, and end users.


Company name
Sony Network Communications Singapore Pte. Ltd.
April, 2022
1 Raffles Place, #20-01 One Raffles Place Tower One, Singapore 048616
List of directors
Jun Watanabe (Chairman)
Ryohei Suzuki
Taihei Kobayashi
Tetsuo Ito
Sony Network Communications Inc. 70%
Sun* Inc. 30%
SGD 1,200,000