Vision and Mission


To create and provide new values

Sony Network Communications's vision is to create and provide new values.

As the usage environment of the Internet keeps changing, the values sought by customers are becoming increasingly diverse. We aim to create new values that are unique to Sony Network Communications and provide customers with an exciting and inspiring environment while at the same time continuing to offer Internet services that customers can use at ease.


  • Challenge

    Placing priority in speed and action, we will take on new challenges without the fear of change.
    We will strive to provide services that give our customers joy and satisfaction.

  • Creativity

    Through reliable and accessible services, we will strive to create new values and lifestyles.

  • Enjoyment

    By providing enjoyment, convenience and enrichment of life, we will create the Internet for Everyone.

  • Dream

    To have each and every person involved with Sony Network Communications experience joy and pride through their relationships with each other, and realize their dreams.