Message from the President

Beyond Connectivity

Sony Network Communications has, over its 20 years as an Internet service provider, consistently offered high-quality telecommunications services. Sony Network Communications boasts a strong track record of delivering new value in the field of FTTH (“fiber to the home”), with the launch of “So-net Hikari Collaboration” and the ultra-fast “NURO Hikari.” It also provides services that cater to the diverse consumer needs in the mobile market.

We at Sony Network Communications will work to further bolster our strengths that we have cultivated over many years, both in terms of our know-how when it comes to developing services and solutions and in network infrastructure technology. Moving forward, Sony Network Communications will set its sights on expanding the scope of its business, primarily around the pillars of cloud solutions, services, and the “Internet of Things” (IoT). In these fields, the Company will strive to develop new businesses and to plan and manage service-based businesses, in order to secure further growth.

In its quest to venture “beyond connectivity,” Sony Network Communications will endeavor to work more closely with other elements within the Sony Group, opening new doors and possibilities while continuing to leverage the expertise it has cultivated through its established telecommunications business. Amid growing market interest in all things IoT, we will continue to challenge ourselves in creating and delivering new value to our customers.

I hope that you will expect great things from Sony Network Communications, as we aim ever higher.

Hiroki Totoki
President and Representative Director
Sony Network Communications Inc.